Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of April 7

Another week has gone by and we are now less than 2 weeks away from the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon! It is hard to believe that we are now at the point where we get to start relaxing our runs, and finally starting to taper.
Or if you were me, you might not need to taper, because you have pretty much been slacking this entire training cycle except for three weeks in a row were I had 9-10 mile training runs that I did at a pretty good pace. Ha!

Last week I set a goal to run 4 times AND to get in at least one day of OTHER workouts (and I did not count packing, although I did plenty of heavy lifting!) and I met that goal. It was not exactly what I really wanted as far as distances or paces, but I met my most basic goal. So that means I need to consider myself a success on the week, even if somewhere in my head I am feeling disappointed (spoiler alert: in my head I feel disappointed).

Here is how last week shook out in the workout scene:
Monday: 40 minute full body circuit workout (squat jumps killed my hammies!)
Tuesday: 4 mile run, easy
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3.1 miles, easy
Friday: 3.1 miles, easy
Saturday: 6 miles, easy
Sunday: rest

1 strength/circuit workout
4 runs
16.2 miles

Definitely not the best week overall, but I guess I need to be happy with what I DID do, rather than get mad at myself for what I didn't. My legs were sore and tired all week from that strength workout, so every run was slower than I would have liked, and every run hurt.

How were your workouts last week?

Friday, April 11, 2014

NOT Running

I am making an effort to log some miles (and some workouts!) this week. It has not been a terribly easy week for me, but it has been better than times past. I set a goal to get in 4 runs - which is what the runcoach program has scheduled for me. Running at lunch, I frequently do not log the mileage that is required of me, but just getting some mileage is good enough for me right now.

I also wanted to do SOMETHING other than run. After all, strength training was my first love, before I could even run a mile without walking!

So every now and again, I like to create a little circuit that will get my heart rate up AND involve my muscles. Here was what I did:

I am not a personal trainer, I just do what works for me.

Let me know if you try it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Balancing - An Act

Work-Life balance.

If you are a woman with a career, regardless what your personal situation at home is (kids, no kids, spouse, live in significant other, single as they come, group of gal pals, a dog and a pint of Ben & Jerry's) you have no doubt heard that terminology. I have been hearing it pretty much every since I graduated from the University of Cincinnati and started my career at a large public accounting firm.

And maybe it is a term you haven't heard, because it it something that you just innately "have" (and those of us who struggle with it are jealous of you). But whether or not  you are familiar with it, it seems to be something that is more in line with things that women think about than men. Obviously, that is not a hard and fast rule, but it seemed like in my BIG JOB it was much more preached about in emails to the women's group (there was not a men's group), than it ever was in full company emails or meetings.

The term to me means finding a way to keep up with your career (even be successful at it!) and keep your home/social/outside of work life in balance.

When you work in public accounting, this becomes more and more difficult the more you move on in  your life, and admittedly, a lot of women leave public because of this. I left public accounting before I was married or had kids because even then I was feeling like I could not do anything that I wanted to do. I couldn't exercise or do shows or anything like that because I would be stuck at work late frequently.

Now with a husband and a baby, it is even more important to me to have some flexibility. After all, how could you not want to spend a ton of time with this little nugget?
I definitely have struggles all the time. My job, while it has been wonderful in terms of balance, has definitely changed since returning from maternity leave. But I am continuing to work on it. I am trying to keep up with my job constantly and trying to enjoy my time at home in the evenings and on weekends. It is a changing process, but I am not sure how it will all turn out.

Any balancing tips from other working women out there? How do you manage to make everything happen?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home Update - 9 Days

I realize it has been quite a while since I last updated you all on our home and progress there. We are now 9 days out from moving. In 9 DAYS we will close on our new home and be completely out of our old one. My last update on the house was brief and here.

At our current home, we had a few issues that needed to be taken care of, most of which J was irritated about, although I never would blame him for any of that. We were very flexible on this house when we bought it, and so a lot of the things that came up in inspection were things that we decided to ignore, or adjust ourselves because they were not that big of a deal. Well, I guess that kind of bit us in the butt, because they wanted those things fixed.

So we have had a plumber in. They got the timing JUST right on their inspection with the plumbing. Argh. Basically, we had been in the basement checking out plumbing about a million times over the winter because of how extremely cold it was (below zero frequently!) and with the issues that we had been having with the dishwasher. Not sure if I even wrote about that, but because of the freezing cold temperatures, a valve in our dishwasher froze and broke. Our brand new dishwasher that was less than one year old. Ugh. Regardless, that meant we spent a lot of time tracking the pipes in the basement and stuff, trying to make sure that nothing froze and nothing was leaking.

But then, inspection day rolls around and BOOM, there is a leak in the pipe. Honestly, when we saw the inspection report we were like "no way. We have been down there 100 times at least, there is NO WAY there is a leak in that pipe." We went down there and sure enough... Sigh. So ok, we have to get that fixed. The plumbing honestly ended up not being that big of a deal. It was pretty straightforward. The amount it ended up costing us was less than we had anticipated, and we know the work is done, and done correctly, so we can check that off the list.

The other BIG issue was electricity. Admittedly, the things that were called out on the inspection were things that were called out when we moved in, but we were nice to the sellers (they were going through a divorce and were just DONE) and let these things go. And now, the new buyer wants it taken care of. We live in a 90 year old home, naturally some of the electrical work is a bit outdated. And as the electrician said to me, code is changed every three years! I guess that keeps them working, right? So we had some issues in the attic that had the chance of being QUITE pricey.

This morning we had the electricians in to take care of that. They gave us an estimate based on the worst case scenarios. So it was high and definitely stressed us out. Lucky for us, that was simply worst case, and it ended up being a good bit less work than that, and they were out by about 2 pm (anticipated 5-6pm) so even if NOTHING else, we saved on the time.

And then there is THIS beast.
Yes, totally NOT a good picture, but it was taken through my car windshield for my dad. But that is it. That is the new house. We have big plans for it and for where everything will be and find its place. We will have a new bedroom (and so will Addie) and there is enough space to store everything. There will be a home for my treadmill and for my Flying Pig posters (I am going to have a workout room where the treadmill will go!)

I will have a house tour coming up soon, I hope! But for now, that is all I have!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Glass City Marathon: Last Minute Details

We are just over two weeks out from the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon now. It is hard to believe that we have gotten here already. If you have been following along with my sporadic training posts, you know that this training round has been particularly difficult for me. I have struggled to find the balance between work and family and running. But that is what I am trying to do with my blog in general, use it to find that balance and maybe offer some help to others who are looking for it as well.
Regardless, let's get into some of the more fun logistical stuff that you need to know for race day and the time prior.

Where do I eat?
The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon does not have an official pasta party, however, there are definitely some great sites to get a great Italian meal in Toledo. Here are a few suggestions:

Zia's: located on the Docks in downtown Toledo (pretty much at Promenade park), Zia's is a delicious Italian staple. It is a Mainstreet Ventures restaurant, which, if you are familiar with Ann Arbor, has a few other awesome places!
Calvino's Restaurant: This is where I am eating with a few friends who are also racing. This is a small place located in a strip mall, but do not let it's appearance fool you. The food is AMAZING. They also serve "Hot Mama Bread", reminiscent of Rosie's Italian (another Toledo place).
La Scola: This is a little further away from the University, but not too far, and is worth the drive. This is my dad's favorite Italian Place. The food is awesome, but a little bit pricier.

Are there start corrals?
YES! This is the first year that the marathon is utilized start corrals. If you recall, when you registered for the race, you entered a predicted finish time. You will be assigned a corral based on that time. Your bib will have your corral placement on it. There is no wave start.

Can I change corrals?
Unfortunately, as your bib has already been sent to the printer, corrals needed to be changed prior to March 31.

Will there be gu/gatorade/water/port-o-loos on the course?
Of course! Lemon lime gatorade, water and various gu flavors (some caffeinated, some not) will be available at various points along the course. In addition, there are plenty of restroom stops if you need that as well. Here are some details on that.

Water Stop #MileMarkWaterGatoradeGuOrangesVaselinePort-a-John
START0xxx xx
23.5xx  xx
34.3xx  x 
45.4xx  xx
57xx  x 
79.9xx   x
811.3xx  xx
912.5xx  xx
1013.5xx   x
1114.6xx   x
1216xxxx x
1316.9xx  x 
1417.58xx   x
1519.25xx xxx
XX21.2xxxx x
1622xx x  
1723.3xx  xx
1823.8xx x x

As you can see, there is plenty of opportunity through out the marathon to make sure that you are hydrated and fed to get to the finish.

What about when I finish the race, meet all of my goals (or need to get over the misery of NOT meeting my goals), and want to celebrate?
There is a post race party in the parking lot just outside of the Glass Bowl! As a finisher's gift, you will receive a Glass Mug (Glass Bowl, Glass City, etc) that you can fill up at the party. So come and meet up with your other friends, have some food and beverage and enjoy some music by Zak Ward. And come find me. I hope to be celebrating a big PR with a big beer! :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly Workouts: Week of March 31, 2014

Another week of training down, and another long run achieved. I am finally back on track with my long runs, which I am very grateful for. We have less than three weeks to go until the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon.
So let's do a quick rundown of last week's training.

Monday: 5.1 miles at 8:41 pace
Tuesday: walk 0.5 miles - home with sick baby
Wednesday: off (close)
Thursday: off (close)
Friday: 4 miles-runch at 8:33 pace
Saturday: 9.3 miles at an 8:35 average pace
Sunday: off - but TONS of packing

Total mileage: 18.9

I took a few too many days off last week, I think, but with it being close, I couldn't help it! Plus with a sick little lady A, I had to be home with her on Tuesday, which limited me doing anything. So I am glad to have gotten in three decent runs, even though they definitely were not easy runs, and my body was hurting.

I am hoping that this week goes even better now that Addie is feeling better and now that we are through the busiest time of the month.

How were your workouts last week?

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon: Travel Details

Well, here we are at the end of March. We have less than 4 weeks to go until my goal race for this Spring racing season, the Owens Corning Half Marathon, part of the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon.
Now that we are drawing nearer to the actual big event, I think it might be beneficial to anyone who is attending to learn a little about where to go, where to stay, the course itself, where to park. I know that sort of thing is helpful to me when I am traveling to a race, even if it is in my hometown (Toledo) or where I currently live (Cincinnati).

The host hotel for the race is the Ramada Inn and Conference Center, which is on Secor Rd (and fairly close to the University, where the start and finish are located!). They are offering rooms to marathon participants (and their families) for $82/night. This rate is only available until April 4, so if you are planning on booking one, you only have a few days left!

As far as the expo and parking are concerned, the easiest way to show you is to show a campus map.
Red is parking. Circles are good places to park (I always park up in area 2, myself) and the red "x" is a no parking section - as that is where the the post race celebration will be set up! The green circle is the Glass Bowl, that is where the finish line is located with the pink line right next to it (the start line for all races!). The blue circle is Savage Arena, where the expo and packet pick up will take place.

Now, here is some advice that I need to take myself, since I have now run this race for two straight years, and I have not managed to get it through my head. Leave early. Especially is you are going to park off of Douglas Rd (the east side of campus). Traffic gets pretty backed up there, and there are typically a lot of people parking in that garage there, so if you want time to warm up and stretch before the race, I recommend leaving yourself plenty of time. Or you should check on what time the race actually starts so you are not hanging out in your car until the start (whoops, did that last year).

Navigation around campus is pretty easy, and there is plenty of parking, just be sure to allow yourself enough time!

Any logistics questions? Let me know, and if I don't have the answers, I will get them for you!